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Baton Rouge

Rouge should be number one on your list of destinations if you have any travel plans this season. It’s not only the capital city of the state of Louisiana, but it’s also home to over 200,000 inhabitants.

Being the original place of Louisiana’s state university, the first things you spot are more and more students, as well as sporting activities. However, there is more than what you see. From high-end hotels and shopping centers to delicious food, rich culture, and music, the list of things you can do at this extraordinary place is limitless. Take a look.

Engaging Sports and Recreational activities

Sports enthusiasts or fans, get their redemption at Baton Rouge. It is because you can check register at such organizations as BREC which provides a wide range of sports and recreational activities in the vicinity.

The games target people of all ages with a great variety of youth to senior level sports category. Again you can register for any activities on an individual basis or as a team.

Games to range from extreme sports, aerobics, swimming to basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, golf, rugby, among an active list of others. Besides registering to play, you can also learn the rules and fundamentals of each sport before you embark on the actual playing.

Various sports clinics also take place at the eastern Baton Rouge parish. Therefore, young people, as well as those in their teens, can get training on the basics and rules of their favorite sport.

The most fun and exciting Interactive recreation activities include physical activity and video games integration, in what’s known as Exergaming. But people can also enjoy dance, leisure sports, and other outdoor activities.

For example, if you enjoy being around water, you can rent a houseboat, to enjoy an exceptional floating home away from home. While at it, you can also marvel in the beauty of the expansive wetlands of Atchafalaya.

It’s Your Best Holiday Destination

A holiday spent at this famous location can be your best decisions ever. There are so many reasons why including the fact that Club Rouge boasts of some of the best and affordable accommodation facilities in the country.

And in case you are a fan of horror stories and movies you can have your own real-life experience in some of New Orleans’s very luxurious but haunted hotels such as Laffite guest house, where items are said to move at any slight, or The Bourbon Orleans know As the most haunted hotel in New Orleans

Enjoy Rich and Delicious Food

Rouge comes with some of the rarest and incomparable access to delicious, fresh food you can ever find. For the sake of your taste buds, there is plenty and affordable, delicious traditional food and drinks.

The areas surrounding the city produce fresh food throughout the seasons. But you can also have a go at the wonderful seafood. From the delightful shrimps, prawns to blue crabs, you can relish all at incredibly affordable rates.

Some of this location’s very famous delicacies include jambalaya, gumbo, and delicious crawfish. You also must have heard of the famed Cajun and Creole culinary fare which takes into consideration such mouthwatering elegances.
Another culinary choice comes in the form of the unforgettable combination of rice and gravy, which is a lunch special of the inhabitants of the Acadiana region of Louisiana.

The meal features choice meat, starch gravy, some side vegetables, and a little piece of bread, all these coming in a single serving.

Participate in Culture Tourism Attractions

One of the critical activities that come on the fore during your visit at club Rouge is that you can participate and wow in their rich culture. The capital city also prides itself in its vibrant history and appealing tourist attractions.

For example, you can feast your eyes on the revered and preserved building of Magnolia Mound. People have been known to marvel at the historic house, including the slave quarters. The open-hearth kitchen still looks as fresh and functional as it was more than 300 years ago.

Meanwhile, many people come here for entirely different reasons, but one thing that they cannot escape is the pull towards the grand tour to various cultural, and visit sites. One such place is the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center.

Here, you come face to face with careful preservation of both animal and plant ecology, and a fantastic exhibition of eye-catching artworks. Visitors can have a guided tour of the extensive swamps and forests, catching good sight of various animals, birds, and rare butterflies.

Also, in March of every successive year, Rouge witnesses one of the most specular cultural events, in the form of Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras. No one is ever left out in the grand carnival.

People from every community come out all dressed up in an ensemble of costumes, and parade trinkets. It takes several days in which people do nothing else other than engaging in whirlwind festivities of food, dance, and drama.

Revel In Music Variety

Music feeds and soothes the soul. And so is music also part and parcel of life at Rouge. If you happen to venture downtown the city, you are pleasantly surprised at how much versatility exists mainly in terms of music varieties.

It does not matter what day of the week, from Mondays to Thursdays, and throughout the weekend, you can indulge in both live music as well as studio music. Some of the famous joints where you can tap your feet as sing along to your favorite tunes include Sullivan’s Ringside, Boudreaux and Thibodeaux, The Texas Club and Happy’s Irish, among many others.

Most of these venues are fully open throughout the day and night so you can check in whenever the craving pops up. They are also quite spacious and designed to hold huge gatherings. It includes revelers who come in to enjoy live bands and live comedy. There is ample security, allowing you to while away your time till late night or the early hours of the morning.

You, however, need to do your research well because some venues come as alcohol-free, while others allow entry for all and sundry irrespective of age. It’s therefore prudent to know which one meets your entertainment needs better; especially if you are tagging your whole family along.

Attend Religious Retreats

If you are looking to participate in any religious events and spiritual retreats, Baton Rouge offers you the best of the best. For instance, the main religion is Roman Catholicism, which comes accompanied by several churches and retreat centers. Still, other religions and faiths exist as well, and you cannot miss identifying your faith.

Various Catholic retreat centers offer a quiet environment where you can worship or have quiet reflection and silent conversation with God. An example of these centers includes Mayhill Renewal center, Our Lady of the Oaks, Center of Jesus The Lord, among others.

You need to establish the rules of any retreat you wish to visit, as some, including Manresa House of Retreats, accepts entry sessions for men only. Other faiths, including Islam, also have plenty of areas of worship which you can quickly locate once you are at Club Rouge.

Go For Shopping Escapades

If you are into seriously into fashion-related activities, you can’t miss the high-end shopping malls and boutiques that are spread across the capital city. The town is home to many celebrity fashion designers, who create newer and newer trends each coming season.

You can also schedule to attend the numerous fashion events that are held regularly. Every year such fashion events as New Orleans and Baton Rouge Fashion Weeks, are held. From here, you can easily catch up with what trending.

If you have a taste for jewelry, then you are also at the right place. You can shop for jewelry and a wide range of accessories for you and the whole family in so many jewelry shops in the city. You can’t miss getting what you want in upscale boutiques which are right before your eyes.

Follow Political Updates of the Area

You can’t complete your vacation in Baton Rouge without marveling in the vibrant political life of Louisianans. Newspapers and other media hold never-ending discussions of several political topics; such as the state of the economy, business environment troubled financial sector, corruption, among other very lively issues.


Rouge should be part of your travel itinerary, in every sense of the word. It’s an entirely versatile city offering you everything you are looking for in a holiday destination. Accommodation facilities which fall in all kinds of budgets are readily available.

You can enjoy the rich culture and food, but can as well choose to relish in the peace that comes with so many of the religious retreat centers that are spread across the city. Again if you want you can engage in lifetime water vacation in one of the amazing houseboats which you can rent.
If not so, you can dance yourself lame with such exciting sports choices as aerobics, or even do live music and dance. The varieties of things you can do are quite many and inexhaustible; it’s merely up to you to have much bliss in all that abounds.

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